Sex Robots And Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that allows creating unimaginably realistic images and videos. It is used for many types of entertainment, but virtual reality porn has become a new boom both among VR fans and porn lovers.

VR porn creates videos that are seen by the end user as if through the eyes of one of the participants of the sexual activity. Users claim that this is one of the weirdest and the most exciting experiences they have ever had when watching porn. The image and video look so real that the brain gets tricked into believing the user himself participates.

More and more people want to experience this kind of entertainment, so they buy paid subscriptions to the porn web platforms, download VR porn streaming apps on their smartphones and purchase quite expensive VR devices like helmets or glasses. This costs money, but users pay because this experience is next to none.

Porn robots, on the other hand, is another trend that develops fast and promises a lot of new possibilities in the sphere of adult entertainment. There are not many companies that work on creating sex robots, in fact just a few in the world, and this technology is much, much more expensive than VR porn. The cheapest robot costs around $10 000. Modern robots can talk and even have a simple conversation, the most complicated of them even have some mimics like smiling. Most of them make some movements, but do not walk. All sex robots are manipulated via an application on a smartphone.

Together with virtual reality technology, porn robots can create a perfect environment of endless possibilities for adult entertainment. Many fans of VR porn confess that they lack the feeling of another human’s body in their arms; sex toys like artificial vagina are fine, but the viewers lack full body contact.

Porn robots alone, on the other hand, are too expensive and too Barbie-like. If combined with the technology, they could be given the appearance of different movie heroes, fantastic creatures, or even famous people (although it seems to become illegal quickly). Virtual reality allows to create any scenario or any environment imagined, it is even possible to develop a fully interactive video game where the virtual reality technology creates the scenery, while sex toys become the objects of sexual interaction.

This, however, is likely to costs a lot, because although VR technology is affordable, sex robots are not. Although the most primitive robots are likely to soon be used in combination with watching VR porn, to provide full body contact.

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