Try ‘Let’s Play With Nanai’, A New Type Of Sex Simulation

The erotic industry was quick to embrace VR. With 150+ million users watching VR-enhanced porn across the world, there are more and more applications found for the remarkable immersive technology. The Japanese have come up with a number of sex simulators, and these are now popular on both sides of the Pacific. Let’s play with Nanai is another adult game that has the potential to conquer the West.


In essence, this girlfriend simulation allows players to enjoy sex experience with the help of VR headsets. The game has been translated into English. The physical sex doll torso is synced with the animation to enhance the feeling of realistic sex. It uses a gyro sensor belonging either to your smartphone or controller. The developers from VRJCC expressed nostalgia for their college sex experience by creating this virtual girlfriend, which premiered in Japan in 2016.

There are three main elements in the mix:

  • a virtual reality environment (girl’s room);
  • a smartphone or a headset controller;
  • a doll that looks like a woman’s torso, or other substitutes.

How to Play

There are three different modes to choose from: “sight navigation mode”, “VR controller mode” and “Doll mode”. The VR head-mounted display setup puts you in the animated bedroom. As a player, you can use gaze controls to alter the outfit and underwear. Skin color and location are also customizable.

The simulated sex may involve different positions, but nothing hardcore, as the theme is defined by the developers as sweet first-time sex. The options include the following:

  • Missionary;
  • Side;
  • Doggy style;
  • Cowgirl.

Basically, you join the virtual girl in her room to share an intimate encounter. Your goal in the game is to make her reach a “climax”. The imagery is absolutely uncensored.

The inflatable doll allows you to experience physical sensations, and it is the element distinguishing the game from its rivals. Aside from the torso, you may use any body substitute of your choice (for example, a pillow). Once you attach your smartphone to the torso and turn Bluetooth on, Nanai starts reacting in accordance with the virtual reality imagery. This means that the program knows where the doll is and what position it is in.

Alternatively, you can attach your headset controller on the body. The game is compatible with the HTC, Oculus, and Mirage Solo platforms.

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