Sex in VR: Future and Prospects

Virtual and augmented reality is provided by technological know-how which will be engaged in almost all of the fields of people’s lives. No one can now imagine life without a smartphone with a 4/5G connection. The fast speed of the Internet, as well as the evolution of virtual reality technology, owe the industry of adult entertainment.

Results of the poll in Britain are impressing:

  •   18% of women would like to try sex in virtual reality;
  •   45 percent believe that virtual reality in intimate life will make the process more satisfying and thrilling;
  •   65% of women use or would like to use electronic devices and smartphone applications in sex.

Women tend to be more traditional in the issues of sex. Thus, if they are ready to experience virtual reality and technological achievements in sex life, men would want it even more.

How can virtual reality change sex life if it may only excite the fantasy?

However, this is a wrong understanding of what virtual reality is. Due to modern technological development, in cooperation with manufacturers of sex toys, virtual reality may not only create an ambient around a viewer. With special software signals, the compatible devices for satisfaction make moves and actions in accordance with the plot of a movie which is watched.

Fleshlight Launch and Kiiro Onyx are the models of special satisfying devices which may synchronize a tool with a movie. Thus, an entertaining content becomes interactive. In Japan, developers have proceeded further. Sex simulator for men was designed on the basis of VR headset. Besides an Oculus Rift, Illusion VR also contains a bodysuit with gloves which stimulates different body zones, artificial breast, and Tenga sex tool. It is planned that this simulator will be synchronized with a video in VR. Thus, a user will have a “real date” with a girlfriend from a movie.

Though, it is not only the possibility for amusement by oneself. This technology is implemented in video-chats. In this case, a user may get acquainted with someone online or, alternatively, chat with a partner while being on a business trip.

It may seem that with virtual reality, people will have no need to go out of their homes and date. However, virtual reality is aimed at adding peculiar feelings and increasing satisfaction in the process of sex between partners. With the possibilities opened by this technology, it will be possible to fulfill the most intimate dreams of a partner, enhance the feelings, and fully satisfy him or her.

Besides, porn and sex are ways to release stress. So, with virtual reality, the level of felonies related to sex shall decrease. At the beginning of Internet distribution, the opponents claimed that personal life would no longer exist. However, with the policy of personal confidentiality, life without web connection cannot be imagined. The technologies of virtual reality will impress people in several years. If you are not ready to wait, order a VR headset and experience what VR may offer.

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