XTAL, a Headset That Deciphers Feelings

When engineers and designers are asked to imagine the perfect VR device, they come up with numerous requirements. The image quality must be excellent, the field-of-view must be wide, integration must be easy, and data must be secure.

XTAL, which has recently been unveiled by VR engineers, could be very close to this ideal. The first VR device equipped with AutoEye and embedded Leap Motion, it was built around the needs of professionals. The visual quality delivered

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AR Porn: How It Works

While the industry of VR porn is booming, AR-enhanced adult entertainment is just taking off. In 2018, ARPorn.com released a product of its partnership with BaDoinkVR – an augmented reality demo featuring a real person. Previously, AR environments only included digitally generated characters, so the novelty is a step forward.

You may be wondering about the differences between VR and AR worlds. Here is a basic explanation:

  • In VR videos, you are immersed in a fully virtual environment, and you may explore it with the help of VR headsets and haptic devices.
  • In AR, virtual elements are overlaid on top of the actual reality, so the end product is a combination of both. Hence the term augmented reality. The Pokemon Go app is a good example of this synthesis.

Both VR and AR can deliver the

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Try ‘Let’s Play With Nanai’, A New Type Of Sex Simulation

The erotic industry was quick to embrace VR. With 150+ million users watching VR-enhanced porn across the world, there are more and more applications found for the remarkable immersive technology. The Japanese have come up with a number of sex simulators, and these are now popular on both sides of the Pacific. Let’s play with Nanai is another adult game that has the potential to conquer the West.


In essence, this girlfriend simulation allows players to enjoy

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Sex Robots And Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that allows creating unimaginably realistic images and videos. It is used for many types of entertainment, but virtual reality porn has become a new boom both among VR fans and porn lovers.

VR porn creates videos that are seen by the end user as if through the eyes of one of the participants of the sexual activity. Users claim that this is one of the weirdest and the most exciting experiences they have ever had when watching

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Sex in VR: Future and Prospects

Virtual and augmented reality is provided by technological know-how which will be engaged in almost all of the fields of people’s lives and even in free vr porn videos. No one can now imagine life without a smartphone with a 4/5G connection. The fast speed of the Internet, as well as the evolution of virtual reality technology, owe the industry of adult entertainment.

Results of the poll in Britain are impressing:

  •   18% of women would like to try sex in virtual reality;
  •   45 percent believe that virtual reality in intimate life will make the process more satisfying and thrilling;
  •   65% of women use or would like to use electronic devices and smartphone applications in sex.

Women tend to be more traditional in the issues

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