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Yup, we initially thought that Attack on Titan would be finished this year. But it turns out that Attack on Titan isn’t over yet. While we wait for the next season, it’s a good idea to review the anime Attack on Titan: The Final Season in Winter 2021.

In this season, the audience is divided into two parts. Most viewers are made to choose between the Yeager Team or the Alliance Team. This is because these two groups contradict each other. This one conflict is extraordinary because we are also confused about which team to choose.

One of the biggest conundrums of the season is that Eren sided with Zeke Yeager to put the Elders to sleep. This is done to give peace to the world. Whether you support it or not, Eren who is the main character we have known for the past 3 seasons changes in an unexpected way is the best plot point.

This also makes us wonder if the audience understands this main character? In the end, two choices can be made, first believe in Eren until the end or accept him changing for the worse.

The plot of the story in Attack on Titan is very long. In each episode as well we have learned a lot but nothing is rushed. That’s because we wanted more in the last episode. The difference in plot development compared to the second and final third seasons is stark.

One of the highlights of this season is how the “Sinzou Sasageyo” quote turns into something awful. It can even be so inhuman as to be terrible. Meanwhile, everyone had conflicting feelings about the studio’s change, especially the animation.

Studio MAPPA can be said to have managed to direct Attack on Titan well. This also applies when the way the plot develops is almost seamless so that the approach is similar to that of Isayama’s manga.

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Attack on Titan The Final Season

In this season, there are so many new characters introduced. We saw a variety of characters who could be potentially good like Falco and Niccolo. Then there are also potentially bad new characters like Gabi and Pieck which are certainly interesting.

A very strong change of season is that the friendship between Armin and Mikasa develops as their characters without having to depend on Eren. This further enhances them as individuals themselves who care about Eren but don’t go along with it.

One of the biggest disappointments in the Season Finals is that MAPPA didn’t officially announce a second part. Although this is a marketing strategy to get more viewers, sometimes it gives a sense of disappointment because it is considered this season is the last.

Although a bit disappointed that the second part of the Final Season was not revealed. Attack on Titan can be said to be quite perfect in its execution. It’s not surprising that this anime is included in one of the best anime in winter 2021

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