City Builder

City Builder

Before We Leave is a City Builder Casual game where you are tasked with rebuilding world civilization after the apocalypse. There will be many buildings and technologies from the old world that can be repaired or used for energy in the future.

City Builder games with Post Apocalyptic themes usually have complex gameplay like Frostpunk and Anno. But Before we Leave offers an easy and relaxing game, without worrying about making fatal mistakes and going back and forth to see the guide.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a tutorial on UI (User Interface) controls and an introduction to game mechanics, the initial tutorial itself is quite short but will always appear suddenly when there is a new mechanism. For the control itself, you could say you can fully play this game using the mouse, of course, you can still play this game with the keyboard but I think playing it feels more comfortable with the mouse accompanied by Medieval-style background game music which gives the impression of being lively and lively in a residential area. we.

Each plain is limited by a hexagon-shaped line that you can build roads or various kinds of buildings, each building will provide an advantage or disadvantage if it is built adjacent to other buildings, for example, if houses are placed close together then the number and population limit will increase and also if the workplace is like felling trees, wells, or fields placed near settlements, the rate of productivity and results will also increase, but if the settlements are too dense and without decorations or trees, our people will be easily stressed and also if we place factories or mines that contain pollution it can also cause pollution. our citizens are stressed, usually, every factory or mine has its pollution radius, and if the stress level of our people is full they will stop working, well this is quite easy to overcome just by moving them or making new settlements, but this also reduces the existence of consequence I from our wrongdoings. The positive thing is that the game is simpler but reduces the challenges and differences in each of our playing sessions.

City Builder1
City Builder

In this game, there is also a kind of skill tree that we can take from the library which adds to the progressing element and improves the progress of our civilization. We can take all skills if our points have met our needs but this seems to be enough to reduce the replayability.

You can also go and colonize other islands on earth or even go to other planets in the solar system, you first have to repair damaged ships that are usually on the beach to be able to go to other islands, while the rocket itself is a bit random where it appears. Colonizing islands or planets is also an important part of the game, sometimes some resources are exclusively only on an island or planet in outer space that you will need to advance your civilization and your game progress.

The story in the game is very minimal and almost non-existent, the delivery of the story is only at the beginning, namely in the form of a short article about the apocalypse and humans who save themselves hiding in a Vault. But there is additional free DLC in the form of a minigame that explains how the world ended, the rest of the games you play are completely free sandbox.

Before We Leave is a city builder game that is light, relaxing, and fun to play for relaxation from other complex and heavy city builder games. You don’t need to read many pages of guides to fully understand this game, unfortunately for those of you who are expecting a city builder game. complex full of replayability and content and playtime of hundreds of hours this game will not be suitable for you.

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