Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is back in this second season through Dr. Stones: Stone Wars. For this second season, of course, the conflict has started between Senku’s side and Tsukasa’s side. With a ratio of 11 episodes, can Dr Stone’s second season live up to expectations? Follow the discussion below.

In this second season, we can see again the main character, Senku. In this anime, there are also not many long-winded points and go straight to the main point. In the Stone Wars series, it brings back muscles vs brains. This is of course very much awaited by the audience.

The fight between these two groups doesn’t take place like most other shounen series. Dr. Stone tries to present something different from similar genres in various aspects.

Even if you’re not a fan of science, Dr Stone makes discoveries that Senku makes. Everything is based on the latest technology that we use every day. These discoveries are very interesting to follow.

Dr. Stone1
Dr. Stone

Moreover, the scene of Chrome finding a way to escape from prison is something interesting and feels different. Even though the theme used in the second season is no different from the previous season.

One of the best parts of Dr Stone is the excellent character development. Senku may not have changed much compared to the first season. However, he began to understand the needs of his friends so as not to make personal interests.

Tsukasa also has a touching final scene where he believes friendship can beat strength or power. Then the characters from Kinrou to Gen also grew clearly. This is a point that the audience likes.

Maybe the audience’s complaint is in terms of the number of episodes which are only 11 only. different from the first season which amounted to 24 episodes or about 2 hour. Indeed, a lot of points have been completed for the allotted episode. But at least the audience wants to get some extras like an OVA. We’ll just have to wait and see if there’s a sequel or not.

Short and satisfyingly enough is the right word for Dr Stone: Stone Wars. The mix of science, comedy, action, and adventure makes Dr Stone so interesting to watch.

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