Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei

Isekai anime still dominates in the winter of 2021. Apart from Re:zero, there is another type of isekai anime that is quite attention-grabbing, namely Mushoku Tensei. The story itself begins with a 34-year-old young man who died. In his life, he does not have a job and also lives as a hikikomori. His death occurred after he saved the lives of others.

After he died, it turned out that he was not in the afterlife, but in a new body and a new world. He is now named Rudeus Greyrat, a boy who must adjust to a world full of magic, adventure, obstacles, and opportunities. Rudeus is determined to build a new life in that world.

Even though the story is about isekai, Mushoku Tensei has beautiful animation quality. Not only there, but the art scene presented is also fairly good and includes stories. Talking about the story, maybe some people think this isekai anime is not much different from the others. However, it could be wrong.

The main character named Rudeus or can also be called Rudy does have the same nature as other isekai protagonists, namely perverts. However, this Mushoku Tensei is more sincere and realistic. The audience is shown a young man who grows from childhood to adolescence who has a lot to do with the real world. Examples include loneliness, failure, and bullying.

Mushoku Tensei1
Mushoku Tensei

Rudy can also be described as a character who is sometimes scary (plus perverted), but he is also a character who can get support from the audience. Moreover, in that world, he could get a second chance which was his wish.

For various characters in Mushoku Tensei, it is also quite rare to appear in other isekai anime. from the mixed elf girl Sylphy to the maid who was always chasing Lilia. Each character in this Mushoku Tensei can perfect the world.

Then in other isekai anime, they tend to stick to the use of similar figures and themes. In this anime, it’s not much different, it’s just that the adventure story in Mushoku Tensei is more real and exciting. In the process, Rudy’s adventures are not so boring.

Maybe what makes this anime lacking is the courage of the author to use controversial themes. As previously mentioned, Rudy has a perverted nature which is the nature of his father. If in other isekai anime the perverted behavior is still reasonable, but in Mushoku Tensei this is too much.

Examples such as Rudy who caressed a young girl of the same age even Paul who did “adult scenes” to have children from other women. Not only that, but Mushoku Tensei also uses adult topics and problems in the real world. This sometimes becomes a separate debate among fans.

Despite the controversy and the relatively small number of episodes (only 11 episodes), Mushoku Tensei can be an isekai anime choice. This is helped from the animation side and the story is a bit different from similar isekai.

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