The Law of Ueki

Ueki no Housoku

The Law of Ueki (う え き の 法則 Ueki no Housoku) is the title of a manga and anime series created by Tsubasa Fukuchi. In Japan, the The Law of Ueki manga is serialized in Shonen Sunday magazine. The series has been completed in 16 tankōbon volumes published by Shogakukan. The sequel to the manga, Law of Ueki Plus (う え き の 法則 プ ラ ス Ueki no Housoku PURASU), was continued in September 2005 in the same magazine. The anime itself began broadcasting in Japan on April 4, 2005.

The Law of Ueki tells of a battle of supernatural powers, a tournament to determine who will become the next God (tenkaijin (天 界 人)). Each God Candidate (there are 100 people) must choose a junior high school student to become a fighter. Each student is given a magical power that can turn one object into another (for example, turning trash into a tree).

The God Candidate whose disciple wins the battle will become the next God and the disciple who becomes the winner gets the Empty Talent. Empty Talent is used to acquire preferred abilities. This makes other students want to get it for their own sake, Kosuke Ueki intends to win this match to keep the talent from falling into the wrong hands.

Ueki no Housoku1
The Law of Ueki

The Law of Ueki Team
The central character in this The Law of Ueki story, led by Kosuke Ueki. The members of The Law of Ueki is consisted of Ai Mori, Rinko Gerrard, Seiichiro Sano, and Souya Hideyoshi. Formed in groups because it is a prerequisite for entering the third round of battle.

The Law of Ueki Kousuke
Kousuke Ueki (植木 ) (voiced by: Romi Paku)

The main character in this The Law of Ueki story, Kosuke Ueki is a class 1-C student at Hinokuni Middle School, a sky man. Kosuke is given the power to turn trash into trees by Kobayashi (Japanese: Kobasen), Ueki’s class teacher. Ueki is a good person who always tries to help others. He is a simple person who likes to use his femininity to ordinary people, but that’s because he can’t just see annoying people against his sense of justice.

The limitation condition for this power is that only trash can be grasped. And its strength has reached level 2 when fighting Barou’s team, which is to change the enemy’s strength to its original, in other words, it can reverse all of its enemy’s attacks. That’s because Ueki’s power forms cycles, meaning that if he turns trash into a tree, that part of the tree can still become a tree again, so he can pull out several moves at once.

Mori Ai
Ai Mori (森 あ い) (Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami)

In this The Law of Ueki stories, Ai Mori is Ueki’s classmate at Hinokuni Middle School. He knew Ueki’s abilities in the beginning, and he thought Ueki was an alien. After learning about the tournaments that Ueki participated in, he decided to protect Ueki’s talents. Mori also got an explanation that every time Ueki attacks people who do not have the right to join the fight will be reduced by one talent.

Therefore, he was determined to keep Ueki’s talents from being destroyed. At Dogura Mansion, Mori gets the power to turn opponents into glasses lovers from Inumaru to help Sano and Ueki who are in confusion. The limitation condition is that the enemy must pose coquettishly (Both hands are close together in front of the chin, the right leg is lifted backward)

Sano Seiichiro
Seiichirō Sano (佐野 清 一郎) (Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi)

Sano is a student from Inaho Middle School who has the power to turn towels into iron. Sano is very good at using his strength. He has burns to his left eye from a hot spring accident. Even so, he still loves hot springs. The boundary condition is to hold his breath. and level 2 is to turn iron into a magnet. Had joined Robert 10 because he wanted to save Inumaru.

Rinko Gerard
Rinko Jerādo (鈴 子 ・ ジ ェ ラ ー ド) (Voiced by: Mamiko Noto)

Rinko was one of the 10 Roberts. He joined Ueki after seeing Ueki’s kindness helping his defeated enemy and knowing the real Robert. Its power turned the beads into bombs.

Soya Hideyoshi
Sōya Hideyoshi (宗 屋 ヒ デ ヨ シ) (Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi)

A shrewd kid to deceive those around him. Whenever Hideyoshi did something sneaky, he always groaned his ears. Hideyoshi was forced by Zack, the new in-charge of Hideyoshi, to join the Caption Team. Hideyoshi has the power to turn voice into facial images. The boundary condition is to bend the finger.

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