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Re:zero returns in winter 2021 for its second part. For fans of this anime, of course, can’t wait for the continuation of this Subaru story. Previous Re:zero season 2 part one finished in Summer 2020.

The story for this second part is that when the war was raging between the blue hair kingdom and the white hair alliance, victims fell from both sides. What seemed to be an endless battle was finally given the opportunity for a truce.

We really want this war to continue. So how does this second part answer our doubts? Follow the continuation here.

Re:zero again offers a more introspective character deepening on the main character. For those of you who didn’t notice, the first season of Re:zero focused more on a teenager named Isekai Subaru. He can reset time when he faces death. That is, when Subaru is seriously injured to death, he will return to the “checkpoint”.

The goal in the first season was to support Emilia’s campaign for the throne. Plus at the same time defending against the Cult of witches. Therefore, Subaru is brought in to help the heroine achieve her goal. For part 2, it focuses more on only two locations, namely the Sanctuary and also the mansion.

On the one hand, it is very interesting because you want to try something new. we commend it. It’s just that this method certainly has risks. If successful, then it could be more appreciated. Conversely, if it fails then it could be bad for the series.

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In this second season, Rem seems to be missing and maybe Rem fans will be very disappointed with this. In this second part, Emilia shines even more. While stuck in the Sanctuary, there are the journeys of three characters that we know about. The first is Emilia’s mission to defeat her past. Second is Roswaal’s mission to prove he hasn’t been categorized as a friend. Lastly is Subaru’s mission to prevent death at both locations.

The second season is more of a fairly long interaction. Although some of the audience may be bored, it gives a great gift to the audience. Because almost all characters have flashbacks and it strengthens their personality. In this case, Re:zero is considered successful.

Every character in Re:zero is always interesting. However, for the second season, it is even more entering a new level. Not only are each character given time to develop, but they are also given the characteristic of speaking so that they look charming.

For example, Emilia always extends her “sugoku” and we can see where she got it from. Then Roswal always adds melodic intonation at the end of his words. From there we can also see that this trait is also owned by Hector. Actually, this point is not that important in adding to the plot, it’s just entertaining enough to become a meme.

In addition, many feelings are not associated with death. It’s so interesting to see Emilia who is always cheerful become psychologically depressed. Plus the tragic story of Roswaal, Otto, was enough to make us cry a little.

Something seems to be missing if it doesn’t include Emilia and Subaru’s relationship here. We need to explain that Re:zero is not a romance anime. If we talk about shounen anime, maybe what comes to mind is Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. The majority of romance in the shounen anime is less or even shortened.

In contrast to Re:zero, the romance of the characters is made more natural. An example is Ram’s confession to Roswaal. Ram has no business doing what he did to Roswaal’s records. But driven by love, he is at the forefront of battle. In addition, Roswaal committed many atrocities also triggered by his love for Echidna. It was the same with Betty loving Subaru and trying to stop his stubbornness.

It can be said that Re:zero does not show some weaknesses. Although there is far less action than the first season, every interaction of the characters here is quite meaningful.

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