Yuru Camp

Yuru Camp

We are back in the anime which tells about the daily life of the Outdoor Activities Club. For those of you who may have forgotten about Yuru Camp, the story itself is still about Rin Shima, a girl who is experienced in camping. In this second season, he still likes solo camping whenever he wants.

Since he met with Nadeshiko, he has gradually begun to open up to camping with other people. Moreover, that does not include the other members who have funny behavior. Then what is the story of Yuru Camp like in this second season? Come on, let’s see the review below.

For those of you who have watched the Yuru Camp series in the first season, it is certainly not strange that this anime belongs to the Iyashikei type. The Iyashikei genre itself is one of the sub-genres of Slice Of Life. The main point of the Iyashikei anime is how the nuances presented can give the audience peace, tranquility, and peace.

This also applies to the second season of Yuru Camp. we can see in several episodes always provide a new place for camp. It can provide more knowledge for spectators who want to try camping. Please note that the locations presented here are based on real places. Therefore, if you intend to camp there, Yuru Camp can be a reference.

Yuru Camp1
Yuru Camp

At first glance, you might see this anime as cute girls doing cute things. However, as mentioned above, this anime is more focused on the nuances given and also various useful tutorials. This is further strengthened in the second season of Yuru Camp.

We can see that in several episodes, Nadeshiko and their friends always have problems when they go camping. Even when there is a camping expedition there is always the unexpected. This is like showing the audience how the experience and obstacles that often occur for beginners.

This can be seen in the first episode of Yuru Camp season two. When Rin was going to camp, he made a mistake. Despite experiencing various obstacles, Rin still managed to camp. That part was recorded by Rin so as not to let the same incident happen again.

In the first season, we already know that the main character, Nadeshiko is a beginner at camping. Among the members of the Outdoor Activities Club, only Rin was the most experienced.

However, in the second season, the development of Nadeshiko’s character was so rapid. Nadeshiko has been able to make preparations before camping, make tents, food, and also various other things around the camp. Nadeshiko is more suitable for group camping. However, he has the desire to go solo camping.

The second season of Yuru Camp also focuses more on the members of the Outdoor Activities Club. Several other characters also get screen time, such as Chiaki Oogaki, Aoi Inuyama, and Ena Saitou. There is even one episode that focuses on these three in comparison to Nadeshiko and Rin. This is certainly more interesting.

Yuru Camp is one of the Iyashikei anime series that you need to watch. Even if you don’t like moe characters, information about camping spots and various camp tutorials can be a consideration.

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