Nowadays it feels incomplete if there is no idol-type anime. One of the anime that has this concept in the winter of 2021 is Gekidol. You could say this anime is part of the ambitious project of the Alice in Project theater. Of course, showing a drama which is anime itself.

Now, considering that idol anime has almost the same theme, can Gekidol be entertaining? We find out through the reviews below.

Ok, without further ado, this anime immediately introduces some pretty striking characters. For example, the director of Alice in Theater named Kaoru. He is always on the lookout for promising young talents. Kaoru also held a hidden burden on her shoulders which was always covered through a smile and also a sip of alcohol.

Then we get to some of the main characters. Here are Seira, Airi, Aimi, and Akira. These four characters have different traits and backgrounds. For this Seira has a shy nature, and dreams of being an actress. Unfortunately, he has a personal problem that is quite disturbing.

Then there is Airi who is a former gravure model. He just wanted to become a new person by devoting himself to acting. Aimi is the pioneer behind the acting idol who was named Gekidol. His passion for the world of idols is very high. Last is Akira who is the oldest member but always childish. He took over as director.

Some of the songs embedded in Gekidol include “Kizuna”, “Dandelion Girl”, and various other pop songs. the song is sung by the main character seiyuu both in OP and ED. You could say the music that was sung was very sweet.


Uno Blaqlo is behind the songs. He is already very experienced in working on music in idol anime. Even so, there are not many full dances like in most idol anime. Even if there are dances, most of them use CGI, and unfortunately, the appearance is quite rough.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Gekidol anime is how the background of each character can develop and influence the story. In the early episodes, we are presented with a psychological and also tense side. Maybe the audience will remember Wake Up, Girls whose character designs are almost the same.

In episode 4 it takes on a cooler feel. Airi’s feelings for Seria seem to be more than bait for the Yuri genre. However, the girls have a lot of funny moments and are silly enough that a lot of the scenes are out of place.

Seria’s pure goal to become an actress like her idol, Izumi, is a little shaken. Previously, Seria’s colleague Airi immediately left, and that motivated Seria to join Alice in Theater. Kaoru always works alone behind the scenes to keep the girls safe.

Gekidol itself can be said to have a very complex problem. However, the solution is only with a fight and also some talk. Plus the complicated plot makes the audience confused about where this anime is going to be taken. This is also what makes this anime a bit less attention-grabbing in the winter of 2021.

Gekidol has enormous potential if the story plot is neater and the number of episodes is increased. Some things that might be interesting from this anime, yes.. the music.

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