5-toubun no hanayome

5-toubun no hanayome

The first season of 5-toubun no hanayome is enough to give us a picture like a civil war. This anime story is about a quintuplet girl who gets bad grades at her school. In order for their academic achievement to improve, they must receive additional lessons by a private tutor named Uesugi Fuutarou.

Who would have thought that the quintuplets consisting of Itsuki, Miku, Nino, Yotsuba, and Ichika had a crush on their private teacher. This is what makes the origins of Civil War appear. Then for this second season, is this “civil war” still continuing? We see the review below.

As in the first season, for the second season of 5-toubun no hanayome, we find it difficult to distinguish the names of the characters. All the traits and personalities of the quintuplets tend to be the same. That’s also why Futarou still can’t tell the difference from each other after 6 months of getting to know each other.

Plus their ability to cosplay further confuses the main character and the audience themselves. Even so, in this second season Futarou is more focused on studying the nature and habits of the quintuplets. In this second season also perfected their appearance on how to treat others.

For example, the moment Nino cuts his hair into a short bob is a sign of growth as well as development into himself. Even though these quintuplets look the same, in the second season they are introduced to what their true nature is like. That way, the audience can get to know more even though the face and appearance are the same.

Another interesting thing from the second season of 5-toubun no hanayome when Itsuki disguised himself in order to trick Futarou. That way, he could miss his meeting with the real Nino. Not only that, the other brothers also do the same thing with one goal: no one can approach Futarou.

This season also Ichika looks superior and takes over Miku’s perseverance. Nino’s honest nature, and also the kindness of the Yotsuba. Not to mention the fact that Itsuki is “Rena”, a girl Futarou met in Kyoto six years ago. With the development of the other siblings on Futarou, then Ichika does a devious way by ruining the chances of his brothers.

5-toubun no hanayome1
5-toubun no hanayome

Ichika’s role is very important in this second season because she is the trigger for internal conflicts. That way, story development can be better. Ichika’s presence turns an ordinary harem anime into one full of surprises by drama-romance standards.

Ichika’s role is indeed quite terrible in this second season. This adds to the drama that the story needs to make it better. The audience also knows the mystery of the girl Futarou met in Kyoto six years ago. The quintuplets finally determine the relationship between their feelings for Futarou and also as brothers.

They have their own little arc and all of them are tested and forced to face inner conflicts. That way they can handle it in their own way. An example is Nino who is much more stubborn to deal with his feelings for Futarou. The method is even bolder than other romantic anime.

Miku struggled even though her position was not safe. She even confidently confessed her feelings to Futarou before finally teasing him. Then Itsuki overcomes his passive little by little. She tried hard to tell Futarou that she was the girl in Kyoto six years ago. It is easier for the audience to recognize the characters of the quintuplets this season.

The second season of 5-toubun no hanayome was an improvement that viewers had hoped for. Quite a lot of improvements are given in this second season such as animation, humor, to the drama of the love competition between brothers. It could be said that 5-toubun no hanayome started out from the typical harem anime in general.

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