GetBackers (Japanese: -奪還屋- Hepburn: Gettobakkāzu Dakkan’ya, translated har. “GetBackers: Return Services”), The manga was serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine from 1999 to 2007 and has been bundled into 39 tankōbon volumes. The story revolves around the “GetBackers”, a group that will restore whatever is lost. The group consists of Ban Mido, a man born with the illusory ability called “Evil Eye”, and Ginji Amano—a former leader of a gang called “The VOLTS”, a powerful group in a dangerous region known as the Infinite Fortress of Shinjuku.

The manga was adapted into an anime series in 2002 by Studio Deen. The anime series aired on the Tokyo Broadcasting System channel from October 5, 2002, to September 20, 2003, for a total of 49 episodes. The series is also dubbed in English and broadcast by the anime-only television channel, Animax, on its associated channels worldwide. The series has been licensed for English language publication in North America by Tokyopop, who released 27 volumes from February 10, 2004, to December 2, 2008. Tokyopop subsequently lost its license to the series, and all available releases have sold out.

GetBackers begins when two friends, Ginji Amano and Ban Mido get orders to find the missing cat statue. Turns out, this Job was just a trap, and they were knocked out by Hishiki Ryudo, a former wrestler. GB (short for GetBackers ) then wakes up in a room full of comatose people and is asked to save a man by the nurse who framed them. The man turned out to be her fiancé. They again faced Hisiki, and with Ban’s ingenuity, they managed to defeat him.

They always get dangerous jobs. They are also always unlucky because they like to be in debt. Their cars are also often towed due to indiscriminate parking, and the money to pay fines is always lacking.

Towards the end of the story, the past and background of the characters are revealed. They were then faced with a very strange problem. The relationship between Ban, Ginji, and a “witch” named Himiko is being tested to the end.


Story Characters
Mido tires
Ban is a descendant of the wizard who inherited the evil eye, Jagan. With his eyes, he can make people illusions for a minute. His grip strength, which he calls “Snake Bite” can hold up to 120 kg. He was dubbed a fighting genius by many. As a teenager, he fought Raitei, who would become his true friend. He is very fond of money and women. Every day, he is always at Pore’s Café waiting for a job with Ginji. In his arms resides Asclepios, the serpent god who, when activated, will turn Ban’s arm into a monster’s arm. He is the son of the head of the beltline that you only realized after you read until the book thirties. Ban also likes Himiko.
Ginji Amano
Ginji is an orphan who was banished to Mugenjou by his parents. Mugenjo is a place for jungkies and bums in the middle of Tokyo. He is nicknamed “Raitei” (Emperor of Thunder) by the people of Mugenjou because he can use lightning to beat his enemies. He was the former leader of the VOLTS gang at the bottom of the mugenjou and became the ruler there. After his fight with Ban, he became the third generation GetBackers. His fighting ability with Ban was almost the same. If he is in Mugenjou, he can transform into a Raitei and his powers are almost limitless but lose against the youngest Miroku.
Akabane Kurudou

Akabane, or commonly called Dr. The Jackal is a very sadistic and cruel introduction. His weapon is 100 scalpels or scalpels which he keeps inside his body. Initially, the scalpel was made of iron, but it was changed to ceramic because Ginji had managed to pull out all the knives from his body. He enjoyed his murder. According to him, the gist of the job offer he received was because it was “attractive” to him. In the past, he was a doctor who worked on the battlefield. For some reason, he became a sadistic and heartless killer. He was very interested in a duel with a full-powered Raitei. Even so, he’s not evil, just “a little” cruel.

HEVN is an intermediary that often provides high-paying GB jobs. Even so, the work he carries is always dangerous and terrible. She always wears incredibly revealing clothes, plus her extra large chest. He is always used as a perverted “object” by Ban, which HEVN always responds to with punches and curses. You can say it’s almost all the fanservice in GB are related to it. He and Kurusu Masaki had a special relationship in the past.

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